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Dog Training Quick Reference Price Sheet

All payments must be made in cash or check, paid in full before dropping off your dog(s).

Boarding and Facility

  • Boarding (Winter Special) – $15/day per dog
  • Boarding and Training (Winter Special) – $25/day per dog
  • Bath – $30 per dog
  • Dock/Walk Pass – $175/season per dog, additional dog $100/season
  • Dock/Walk Pass – $20/day, additional dog $15/day

Group Clinic

  • Agility, Dock Diving or Gun Dog Training: 3 or more dogs – $30/hour per dog (Includes birds)

One-on-one Training

  • Obedience Session – $50/hour
  • Gun Dog Session – $75/hour (Includes 1 bird)
  • Puppy, Gun, Bird Introduction – $75/hr
  • Dock Jumping Session – $50/hour
  • Agility Session – $50/hour

Training Packages

Gun Dog 101

Your gun dog will gain the necessary skills to begin hunting confidently in the field. Training includes obedience, bird driving, quartering, retrieving, training to the gun, marking birds, whistle and voice commands and also learning how to hunt with other dogs. Your investment includes birds. For more information, visit: http://pheasanthaven.org/training/gun-dog-101/

  • $1,500/month
  • $350/week
  • $50/day

Dock Jumping 101

Dock jumping is one of the fastest growing canine sports in the world. Your dog will learn to love the water, if they don’t already, and will gain skills such as obedience, vertical jumping, big air and being comfortable jumping off a dock. For more information, visit: http://pheasanthaven.org/training/dock-jumping-101/

  • $900/month
  • $210/week
  • $35/day

Agility 101

Keep your dog in shape and mentally challenged. Agility training will teach dogs how to navigate courses with speed and precision. It will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and it may open new doors for competition, ribbons and titles. For more information, visit: http://pheasanthaven.org/training/agility-101/

  • $900/month
  • $210/week
  • $35/day

We are open 7 days a week from dusk until dawn. Please call, text or email 30 minutes before pickup or drop off. You will find it very convenient to pick up and drop off your dogs with us.