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About Scott Bruhn

IMG_4136Scott Earl Bruhn is owner and trainer at Pheasant Haven’s All Sport Dog Training facility. He has been training hunting dogs since 1974, beginning with the family hunting dog “Teddy” who was a top bloodline black Labrador retriever. Teddy set the bar high for future gun dogs to follow.

But before plunging into the hunting and dog training business full time, Scott was an inspirational leader for the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) football team, which won a conference championship between 1983 and 1984. After earning a degree in business studies at UNO, Scott went on to opening up his own manufacturing business to produce warm up sweats and sporting goods novelties. During that time, Scott always had a hunting dog, and they hunted every weekend throughout the seasons.

In 1987, Scott made the decision to sell his manufacturing business and started Pheasant Haven with his brother Earl. Since 1987, Pheasant Haven has released 250,000 pheasants and used four professional hunting guides. During prime hunting months, the staff ran as many as 16 hunts per day.

At the same time, Scott and Earl also had the opportunity to train many great hunting dogs. They learned how to train from the greats, including Don Paltani, who earned 67 AKC championships with his shorthairs and is a five time national champ; Bob Furbe, 15 time all amateur champ with his shorthairs; Jim West, who won dozens of all age championships and several national championships; Rand Bergren, who earned several all age AKC championships with his Brittanys; Jimmy De Voll, who won several national championships with his springers; Jim Haller and Brad Lewis, AKC championship winners with Labrador retrievers. All these top professional dog trainers have worked with Scott at Pheasant Haven in the last 30 years, providing him with the knowledge to train dogs to their fullest potential.

The Hunting Fields

Haven (612)Producing a good bird dog also takes a “good farm.” All this was made possible by the hunting grounds at Pheasant Haven, passed down from Scott’s father who purchased the land in 1962 for the purpose of hunting and training dogs. A lake was put in the 60s and the first planting of trees and shrubs went in 1977. In the 80s, the family enrolled the farm in the first signing of the conservation reserve program (CRP) and planted 9,700 trees and shrubs in the 90s, which provided shelter and food sources to attract and hold upland game.

The fields hold coveys of quail and 50-100 pheasants on the farm throughout the season. Birds are stocked on a daily basis for hunting and also dog training. The birds come from the best bloodlines, offering dogs and handlers challenging opportunities.

Pheasant Haven is a top shelf set up. The fields offer younger dogs wild flushes. Young flushers will get “bird crazy” here and plenty of ground to run. Scott’s current pack includes black Labrador retrievers Teddy and Emma, golden retrievers Willy and Waylon, and Vizsla Tucker. Pheasant Haven’s resident top gun dogs are often used to help out the young ones when they need it.


Pheasant Haven Kennels is a “legendary” known training facility that has produced champions in all sports, such as field, agility and dock diving. We currently have three trainers that have won many championships. In the past 40 years, Pheasant Haven’s professional staff has earned AKC national championships with pointers and flushers, NATHA bird dog championships, SRS Dock Diving championships and countless of first place finishes in agility.

Our trainers:

  • Margaret Allen has 20 years of experience in agility training.
  • Josh Goodsell specializes in pointers and gun dog training.
  • Scott Bruhn has decades of experience with flushers, pointers and dock diving.