Pheasant Haven Offering Gun Dog Training

We spend a lot of time training our gun dogs so they stay in shape and ready for the upcoming season. Additionally, we are getting a new puppy, and we can’t wait to get him going! Have a gun dog of your own that needs some tuning up? Come join our pack this season! We are offering five hunt training sessions, $250 for one dog or $375 for two dogs. The sixth session is free! Or, pay $60 per session for one dog and $75 for two dogs. Your dogs will be conditioned in no time with our seven fields full of quail! We will be offering training sessions throughout the 2015-16 season.

Beginners are welcome! We are going to use a new method by using a starter pistol and frozen quail. Once the live quail flushes, you will use a starter pistol to get your dog used to the sound of gunshot, and then you will ask it to fetch a frozen quail to simulate a real hunting situation. No shooting required, so anyone in the family can run their dog. We will teach you everything you need to know at a pace comfortable for you. Call Scott Bruhn, 402-213-1167.