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Was Brush Hoggin the Farm This Morning ..Willie an the Pack was with me.We were getting close to 225th street..on the west line of the farm. Willie has his Nose high something caught.his attention..it was hard to pull him..off...I did an continued mowin..east away from the road..I didn't check back with Willie..because we run as a pack every where on the farm..everyday...........when I call them from Danger ..they listen...hes 3years old....After mowing for another 30 min or so..Heading back to the Lake I called Willie...nothing ..checked the house nothing...ran the atv over by 225th checked to see if he got hit...Im startin to get little excited at this point..called his name from 2 different spots on the bluff in the middle of the farm...nothing.....The big house being built I figured he was over there ..started to hike up the hill to the mansion..my phone rings in the middle of my Hike..Its Margaret..she said someone dropped willlie off at the vet in Elkhorn..Man...................what a scare that was...everything was running thru my mind...The vet said some lady dropped willie off ..she found him on 225th street..Feel sorry for what she had to go thru...willie smelled horrible..a fawn got killed on 225th street..found the carcass..this is what willie rolled in..this is what caught his attention..Dang...Well lesson learned..Willie cannot control his temptations..closer eye on this boy..Punishment...did I yell at him? Did I pick him up by the throat in front of all the pack an show him who was boss..12 years ago..i would have done all the above..Does this punishment work? Willie is highly intelligent an a sweet demeanor..i talked with him in front of the pack..he gets the point..but what I will do..is keep him in check when we are out...my fault..lesson learned ..Margaret..would have been in shock today. If she wouldn't have gotten that call...be Blessed an Safe Scott ab Ms Margaret ...

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